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Meet Steve Reynolds

Many years ago, Steve was lucky enough to lead several design projects where SHYFT was acting as the Owner’s Representative. Steve & the SHYFT team quickly realized that there was a shared vision for what project delivery could become, and he ended up joining SHYFT in a big way, as Principal and Co-Founder.

Q: How is SHYFT different from other real estate/design firms that you have seen and worked for?

A: Having multiple subject matter experts under one roof certainly is a differentiator. I also feel that we promote a culture that allows our team members to work with some choice around how and when they will work.

Q: How/why/when did SHYFT adapt to a hybrid work schedule? What benefits/challenges come from a hybrid work schedule?

A: Team members at SHYFT, depending on their project responsibilities, have always had a somewhat flexible work environment that really transitioned easily to a hybrid model. We had also invested in the necessary technology years ago that allowed our team to work from anywhere at any time. The only limitation really is bandwidth. Therefore, when we moved to work from home last March, it was a relatively simple process.

Q: What are some projects you are currently working on?

A: All the projects! But really, as an owner and market leader here in Columbus, I need to have an understanding of where we are with all of our initiatives. I am lucky to have a great team here that keeps me informed and continues to execute great solutions for our clients.

Q: What is the one thing you are most proud of since joining SHYFT?

A: Assembling a great team in our Columbus office!

Q: What are a few of your career highlights?

A: There are quite a few! I can recall being very proud of the first set of SHYFT permit drawings that left the office for a small renovation at LBRANDS. Another would be the execution of a full building restack, renovation, and addition of a 160,000 SF corporate user in Raleigh, NC. The completion of the 4X5 in Italian village was also a milestone for us as our construction team delivered a great project in a vibrant neighborhood for our development partners.

Q: Any fun facts you'd like to share?

A: I have been an avid skier for most of my life. The first time I think I was 8 or 9 and my sister and I were skiing on the beginner hill. She ran inside the lodge and by the time she returned I was on the mogul hill!

Thanks Steve for all you do for the SHYFT Team!


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