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Strategic Planning

There are a lot of moving parts when planning for a new building or space: finding the right location, planning how to use space, coordinating with IT and HR, communicating with employees, and
pre-construction planning activities. It can be overwhelming.

But does it have to be? SHYFT simplifies the process and digs into the details, so you can focus on the big picture. We begin by listening. Listening to the issues you've encountered in the past. Listening to your goals for the future. Listening to WHY this project is essential to your business. We listen to what's most important to you.

Then we get to work formulating a plan that works for you, your people, your process and your property. We work as an extension of your team for a 360-degree solution that ties your business plan to a well-defined real estate plan. With a strategic plan in place you will know that you've seen all the options, compared solutions, and confidently made the best choice for your business. 

How We Do It

Conduct Leadership Visioning and Goal Planning Workshops 


Consensus Building through Surveys and Workshops 


Current Space Assessment and Evaluation 


Real Estate Scenario Financial Analysis 


Review Market Research and Comparable Sites 


Analyze Collected Information to Define Potential Paths 


Review goals, market trends, and success stories  


Program and Right-size the project to your needs 


Create a road map [GPS] 

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