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Architecture & Design

Good design is good for your business. Strategically designing your space promotes productivity and engagement among your employees and ensures a positive experience for customers.

Our architects and designers study your business to understand how people work together, and individually, to communicate and produce work each day. We then utilize our talents and tools to develop upon this information and hone in on the form and function that offers the most effective solution.

SHYFT's design team will deliver ideas that align with your company’s unique culture and business goals. This personalized approach is intended to improve your company’s productivity and employee experience to help you achieve your business goals. Additionally, our specialized design promotes an increased real estate investment value for your organization.

How We Do It

Space Utilization Assessment 

Interior Design Development and Process 

Master Planning 

LEED Specialization 

Three Dimensional Building Scanning

It's gratifying for me to impact the workplace by helping create fulfilling business environments for people.


Steve Reynolds

Founding Partner & CAO

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