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Our Company

Our mission is to provide a better way to a better space through integrated real estate, design, and construction services. We help people and organizations navigate real estate change with confidence. 

We know an ideal space can positively impact perceptions and influence how people interact. SHYFT goes beyond aesthetics to study your business and culture to provide uniquely suited design solutions. When it’s time for the vision to become reality, we are there to help drive the project forward with our construction services.

Empowerment and Results

We are able to deliver successfully on that mission by first focusing on the reasons behind your change. We want to get to know you and your organization and truly understand why you need to make a move, expand or build a new space. Only then can we serve as your trusted advocate. We understand how important it is for your organization to leverage real estate as a calculated business advantage. You can be assured that through our balanced, transparent approach, your organization will get the space it needs and you will be informed and empowered during the process. Not only will you be able to measure ROI based on profits, productivity, and time, but we are driven to create outcomes that lead to improved employee engagement and enhanced brand equity. The best part? You will have fun working with us!

Custom Solutions for Unique Goals

We realize no customer or project is the same. We offer our services individually or collectively - this way each solution is customized to meet your unique goals. All of our services are integrated under one roof, which is a strategic advantage to any project.

A Culture of Collaboration and Growth

The SHYFT culture fosters success among our individual team members. We collaboratively challenge one another to provide better ways to service the market and perform our work. We develop career paths and goals that are unique to the individual while supporting one another to achieve professional growth. We also invest in our home communities by donating services and volunteerism to non-profit organizations and civic leadership.

Our Core Values

Core Values Card - website.jpg

CATER  \ka-der\ verb.

To provide what is wanted, needed, or desired (by someone or something). 2 The way we ensure success for our clients. When you combine collaboration, accountability, thoughtfulness, engagement, and realness with our unique skill sets, our team is able to align a client's vision to provide a clear path forward to a Better Way to a Better Space. 

Our Strategic Partner

SHYFT Plan | Design | Build

SHYFT Plan | Design | Build

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