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Real Estate Services

Real Estate is a complicated and fast-paced industry. We focus on the importance of leveraging your real estate as a calculated business advantage.

SHYFT Real Estate experts partner with you and other industry experts to cultivate the best real estate options that meet your business goals.


Our unbiased approach allows us to represent you and weed out locations that won't work for your business needs, number of employees, or future plans. You will save time and energy by only having to review solid options that meet your criteria.

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How We Do It

Market Analysis - Our team does the research and presents you with a detailed market evaluation so you can make the best decision for your business.

Scenario Analysis - It can be hard comparing apples to oranges. SHYFT experts simplify the options and give you a complete report of the pros and cons of potential real estate sites that meet your requirements.

Negotiation - From securing permits from local government and finalizing real estate bids to managing architectural designs and bidding on construction material, we have market experts who will advocate for your best interests in all facets of the project.

Financial Project Planning - Your company stakeholders will feel confident in their decisions with detailed and realistic financial plans.

Existing for our clients' success is evident in every aspect of what we do. One of the ways we measure success is by how little day to day disruption there is for those we serve.


Eric Simon

Vice President of Operations