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MBI New Headquarters

SHYFT was featured in this month's MBI Newsletter for our Strategic Planning work on their new headquarters!

Back in 2019, the MBI Board of Directors decided on a plan for a new association headquarters. They saw the need to be better equipped to provide services to all MBI members, regardless of their location. While their Des Moines location has served them well, they kept asking the question: "Are we really serving the whole membership in the best possible manner?"

An important step in this plan included taking a serious look at how their current building fit into their service equation. To start the process, SHYFT assisted with a feasibility study, gathering information through Board and staff interviews and surveys while facilitating multiple member-led focus groups throughout the state. This process determined the existing building was not suitable for growth and did not enhance the vision shared by the Board and staff. With this discovery, the next step was to define what MBI needed for its next location. This included conceptual plans with training and classroom accommodations, meeting and collaborative spaces, common areas, staff work areas, as well as assessment for parking, location, and convenience.

To read more on how SHYFT is helping MBI with its new headquarters, click HERE.

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