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Reimagining Lincoln Neighborhood in Fort Dodge, Iowa

The SHYFT team is working with the City of Fort Dodge to reimagine a neighborhood just north of downtown. The City wanted to understand opportunities for reinvestment in the Lincoln Neighborhood and enhance the neighborhood living with a mix of apartments, townhomes, and small houses. Our initial analysis of the area proved that housing was the #1 need for this area, and we started to develop concepts for the City.

The plan was officially presented to the Fort Dodge City Council on Monday. The plan calls for:

  • Two two-story apartment buildings, with 32 one-bedroom units in each. One would face North Seventh Street, the other would face North Eighth Street.

  • One five-story apartment building facing North Eighth Street.

  • Four townhome buildings with four units in each.

  • Six small houses, each measuring 950 to 1,200 square feet.

  • Additional townhouses would be built on the north end of the Corpus Christi property, depending on market demand and available land. An open green space is also envisioned in that area.

  • Converting the intersection of Eighth Street and Third Avenue North into a roundabout intersection.

Carissa Harvey, the City's strategic planner, says "We want people to live in this neighborhood."

Check out more here!

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