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We're Happy to Announce Additional Partners to our Ownership!

We're excited to formally announce the following new partners to our ownership – Beth Benzenberg, Eric Simon, and Ellen Broich!

Our newest class of partners composes more disciplines than ever, from accounting to operations to design and construction management. Ellen, Eric, and Beth have demonstrated exceptional professionalism and commitment to their craft and to the SHYFT mission. Their leadership and passion push our company forward, and we’re excited about their continued growth as owners!


A message from our CEO, Brandon Foldes:

“At SHYFT, we embrace the journey of searching for a better way to a better space. It has become abundantly clear that our journey to the best leadership team is well underway. Eric, Ellen, and Beth are long-time team members that embody our core values and have acted as owners on our leadership team for the past few years. Due to their continued effort, professional skills, and desire to see our company succeed, we’re happy to announce that they all became partners and shareholders here at SHYFT on January 1, 2023”, states Foldes.

Ellen Broich, VP of Finance, provides the highest level of accounting and finance skills critical to SHYFT’s success. Ellen began as a part-time team member, transitioned to a full-time member of the leadership team, and is now an owner. Her leadership always keeps the SHYFT team on track and aware of risks. Beth Benzenberg, Director of Interior Design, is the epitome of a “Swiss Army Knife” team member with skills in design, project management, and leadership. Her mentorship and project delivery skills are second to none. Eric Simon, VP of Operations, has specialized construction and contract skills that SHYFT has utilized to grow our construction team. His attention to detail and industry knowledge are huge assets to SHYFT’s growth plan.

A huge thank you to Ellen, Beth, and Eric, for helping us all find a better way to a better space at SHYFT.


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