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Jen Tucker

Senior Accountant

Jen is a Senior Accountant SHYFT. With a background in the accounting of design-build projects, Jen brings a detail-oriented approach to support our project teams and clients. She works closely with project management and leadership to ensure the financial needs of our day-to-day operations are met with consistency and accuracy.

Q: What make/model/year was your first car? What did you name it?
A: 2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, named ~carlos~

Q: Do you have a hidden talent?
A: Iowa State Fair bubble gum blowing contest - 1ST PLACE 2005ish

Q: When did you first feel like a real adult?
A: Honestly, when I learned which grocery stores carried the cheapest whole milk

Q: What is your favorite memory while at SHYFT?
A: Starting a job in a pandemic, feeling it was more weird when there were people in the office than when it was empty :)

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