Strategic Planning

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There are a lot of moving parts when planning a new project: finding the right location, planning how to use space, coordinating with IT and HR, communicating with employees, etc. It can be overwhelming.


But does it have to be? SHYFT simplifies the process and digs into the details, so you can focus on the big picture. We begin by listening. Listening to the issues you've encountered in the past. Listening to your goals for the future. Listening to WHY this project is essential to your business. We listen to what's most important to you.

Then we get to work formulating a plan that works for you, your people, your process and your property. We work as an extension of your team for a 360-degree solution that ties your business plan to a well-defined real estate plan.

With a strategic plan in place you will know that you've seen all the options, compared solutions, and confidently made the best choice for your business. After all, getting it right the first time saves time, money, and stress.



Our Strategic Planning Process:

  • Discovery Phase - During this collaborative workshop with key stakeholders we gather information from the team, provide analysis, and develop goals through consensus for a complete team buy-in on the project.

    • Current Assessment - We walk through a realistic view of the facts, your company's short and long-term costs in existing or future spaces; so everyone has a clear understanding of the building requirements, potential risks of infrastructure, and the costs associated.

    • Financial Analysis - Understanding the financial impacts of multiple real estate scenarios allows you to compare alternatives thoroughly. By clarifying the costs associated with your change, organizations are able to commit to a plan, with confidence, that meets their expectations and allows us to develop projects that fit with the company's long-term plans.

    • Market Research - Take a look at the in depth information SHYFT experts have gathered on comparable real estate sites in your area so that your stakeholders can feel confident in their decision making process.

  • Define Phase - Here we provide our analysis of the information collected from the team to define the goals and potential solutions for you to choose a path that is right for you for future developing and delivery.

    • Project Delivery ConceptsSHYFT's expert staff review your goals, market trends, and success stories from previous projects to provide a specialized recommendation based on your company's project requirements. We believe that no project is the same and work to create tailored solutions backed by industry knowledge and insight in form, function, economy and time.

    • Programming - Developing a starting point and pinpointing the right size project for your company is critical to meeting your logistic needs and financial goals. Mapping a plan that identifies your requirements allows your organization to plan for the future with confidence.


When Organizations are going through change with an understanding of the 'WHY' for employees at all levels, the employees are more likely to embrace it. They perceive the change as happening for them rather than happening to them.

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