Project Management

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Experience the peace of mind that comes with having a dedicated professional to manage and coordinate your project from beginning to end. Our team allows you to focus on your business and daily tasks, while we focus on your change.  


When a plan moves into the execution phase, it is critical to stay on top of every aspect of the project. SHYFT is with you every step of the way. Whether you're remodeling or moving into a new space, you will always know how the project is progressing with our detailed reporting and commitment to constant communication.

  • Relocation Planning and CoordinationIt's our job to plan and successfully execute your relocation or reconfiguration project. We plan the logistics to anticipate and solve issues even after you're in your new space, so you remain focused on your core business.

  • Communication + Change Management We work with you to clearly communicate with employees and other key stakeholders the importance of why the changes are happening and how the details of the change will be executed.
  • Logistics Planning and CoordinationAs your single point of contact, we provide a seamless transition so that business can continue as scheduled.
  • Post Move Support After the move, we're committed to addressing any issues that pop up and working proactively to make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • Tracking and Reporting Administration - Knowing the timing requirements for the city permitting is crucial. Our team provides the expertise to ensure the project moves forward. 
  • Onsite Representative and Communication - You will have a dedicated SHYFT expert onsite to manage the project and keep you updated regularly.
  • RFP Process and Contracting - You don't have to review RFP responses from vendors and wonder if they're equal. SHYFT experts will prepare unique RFP's and break down the responses providing a clear checklist of costs and what is and what is not included. We also offer valuable recommendations based on our experience in the market.
  • Budget + Value Engineering - The SHYFT team provides initial pre-construction budget and schedule estimating to provide a well rounded view of alternatives being considered. During the project, we help you set your project budget and then track costs and expenses regularly to give you full transparency to your project health.



Construction Management

How much is your time worth? We know you already have an important job to do - a construction project takes significant time away from where you are needed most. Construction management and project coordination requires expertise to manage and evaluate bids and coordinate schedules of selected contractors, subcontractors, and vendors. It takes valuable time to learn to manage progress in the field; in order to identify and resolve issues as the project is executed. SHYFT construction managers partner with you to ease that burden and risk.

The SHYFT mission is to understand the “Y” of every project, so each client’s WHY is clearly discovered and defined for the project team. Combined with our extensive industry knowledge and unique service model, we propose project delivery types, materials, methods, and procedures that allow our clients to make informed decisions that map back to their stated goals.

Our focus is on representing your best interests through the project execution, while you focus on your business’ success.Therefore, as part of Construction Management we offer the following services:

  • Project Planning and Scope Development

  • Design Acquisition and Management

  • Milestone Scheduling

  • Construction Budgeting

  • Bid Solicitation and Contracting

  • Jurisdictional Coordination/Permitting

  • Constructability Review

  • Owner Representation/Contract & Construction Administration

  • Closeout Documentation Coordination

  • Warranty Analysis 

In addition, we also offer services in Strategic Planning, Architecture & Design, Project Management, and Real Estate Services. All our services are focused on your WHY at all times, so you can SHYFT with the greatest amount of professional confidence possible. 



Relocation Management

When it's time to move people from point A to point B, we're here to help. We will work with you to develop a seamless transition plan with minimal or no downtime to minimize any loss of productivity. Part of that plan includes communication that clearly tells employees why this move is important and what to expect before, during, and after the move. Your employees will be welcomed to their new functional space with support from the SHYFT team to troubleshoot, answer questions and provide direction as each individual begins their work.




Years of move management experience reveals a simple perspective: Move equals change; change is unsettling. A detailed move plan tailored to align with the corporate culture results in a seamless, organized and efficient process with minimal distractions

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Senior Project Manager
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