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Good design is good business.  Strategically designing your space promotes productivity and engagement among your employees, and a positive customer experience.


SHYFT architects and designers study your business to understand how people work together, individually, how they communicate and produce work each day. Our team continues to develop upon this information focused on the form and function that offers an effective solution. SHYFT'S design team will deliver ideas that align with your company's individual culture and business goals.


This personalized approach is intended to improve your companies productivity, employee experience, and support achieving your business goals. Our specialized design promotes an increased real estate investment value for your organization..



Our Architecture + Design Process:

  • Space Utilization Assessment - We take a holistic look at your business and how people work. You'll experience a clear sense of direction and clarity on how each square foot will be utilized.
  • Full Design Process - From the outside in, we create a building that encompasses your brand and culture.
  • Interior Design Development and Process - SHYFT owns the design process, developing concepts from the perspective of the user, rather than pushing the ideas from this week's trend.
  • Master Planning - Your company has big goals, we develop a plan that allows your space to grow with your success over time.
  • LEED Specialization - More than just a label, incorporating environmentally-friendly LEED certified elements in your build can save your company resources and improve your brand with consumers.
  • Workplace Standards + Pilot Programs 



It's gratifying for me to impact the workplace by helping create fulfilling business environments for people.

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