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Pigott, Inc.

Des Moines, IA
Completion Date:

Fall 2016


Upon Request


Strategic Planning, Project Management, Relocation Management, Architecture and Design

A regional furniture dealer specializing in partnerships to deliver human-centered design solutions required a reimagination of their local showroom. The goal was to create a people-first place of business, using forward-thinking creative solutions, and results-driven design to elevate their existing space to tell their story.

Located within The Avenues of Ingersoll & Grand, the design concept was to clearly articulate Pigott’s mission to its customers through the possibility of place. The design challenge began after intense strategic planning was completed. A decision was made to re-imagine the existing building that did not fit the desired program…in essence, to do more with less.

Using our process of perspective of the four lenses: Function, Form, Economy, and Time; we were able to reflect Pigott’s culture and business while telling their story through space. To maximize the plan the design solution called for complete clarity. This required a skeletal demo while thoughtfully reintroducing programmatic elements. The entire plan had to function with every surface maximized. Horizontal and vertical surfaces, volume, and furniture perform in multiplicity. It was the ultimate study of Waste Not, Want Not. Influenced by their history, location, brand, culture, and strategic partners, the design solution reintroduced transparency. Coupled with a focus on daylighting within the open plan all curated items are on display, so their functionality is immediately visible. To maximize the site, circulation emphasizes front to back connectivity, expanding the plan by capturing new outdoor spaces and reengaging the street.

The project solutions were the perfect backdrop for Pigott to tell their story of how people-focused, carefully curated spaces achieve more with less, while showcasing how small businesses can enhance great neighborhoods.

Project Gallery

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