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Hoernemann Refectory

Tiffin, OH
Completion Date:

Spring 2019


$6 million


Architecture and Design

Due to recent and projected enrollment growth, Heidelberg University needed to expand their only dedicated dining facility on campus. The addition created a second, controlled entrance into the dining hall, used to access additional dining seating during peak hours or secured during off hours to allow the café to stay open later when desired, independent of the dining hall. The centerpiece of the addition is a new café, strategically located along a main pedestrian and vehicular intersection of campus. The first floor contains the more socially active and dynamic areas, while the second floor was designed to create adaptable space, capable of providing the University and its students with the option for soft seating study areas, small group collaboration, additional dining seating, or a small event area, depending on the daily need. The exterior design delivered the modern architectural statement the University desired at this gateway intersection of their campus. The two-story glass corner makes a statement while capitalizing on views to the historic University Hall and creating a visual connection with the exterior space of the adjacent University Commons. It also allows ample daylight and views into the café and signature two-story space of the addition.

Project Gallery

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