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Building Bridges: CISS Prepares for the Future of Housing Through Strategic Planning

There are a lot of moving parts when planning a new real estate project: finding the right location, planning how to use space, coordinating with IT and HR, communicating with employees, etc. It can be overwhelming. That is where strategic planning comes in.

Broadly defined, strategic planning indicates where an organization is going and how it plans to get there. Especially at a time when the real estate industry is changing and consolidating so rapidly, it is important for organizations to define their goals and tie them to specific tactics. When engaged for our strategic planning services, SHYFT begins this process by listening. We truly want to understand what is important to a client to ensure successful future growth. We then get to work formulating a plan that works for them, their people, and their process. We work as an extension of the client's team for a 360-degree solution that ties the business plan to a well-defined real estate plan.

With a strategic plan in place, organizations know they've seen all the options, compared solutions, and confidently made the best choice for their business. SHYFT has helped countless clients through their strategic planning process, and most recently, Central Iowa Shelter Services.


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