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SHYFTing Back to the Office - A Strategic Action Plan

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic is threatening routines, especially in the workplace. Since working from home has become the norm for most individuals, several processes and tools have become more heavily utilized. While many of these processes were important prior to the virus, the need for them has increased and will continue to be a necessity as employees start to SHYFT back to the office. In order to help team members successfully transition back into the workplace, we have researched best practices and thoughtfully created a list that sets our organization up for success.

SHYFT Collective has conducted extensive research into recommended tools and policies to increase productivity while working from home, as team members find the balance between working, teaching, and parenting. SHYFTing Back to the Office is a strategic plan that considers the use of technology, sanitary measures, spatial distancing, and flexibility to meet the varying needs of all employees and visitors.

You can read part one of the series of case studies by clicking the link below!

SHYFTing Back to the Workplace - A SHYFT
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