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How to Design a Reception Area That Reflects Your Brand

As the saying goes, “You only have one chance to make a good first impression”. A first impression is vital for the success of businesses, and it sets the tone for how customers, visitors, and users feel about your company as they step through the door. As someone walks into your reception area, they should get an idea of who you are as a company almost immediately – it is crucial to make design choices that clearly and accurately represent your brand. One basic concept of branding is to highlight how your organization represents something unique. You can ensure that your space reflects your desired image by implementing design elements that are cohesive with your brands such as color palette, furniture style, light fixtures, and much more.

Proudly Display Your Logo

Your logo is the most predominant representation of your organization. It reveals your identity, encourages customers and visitors to get to know you better, distinguishes you from the competition, and fosters brand loyalty. A lot of time and effort goes into the design of a company logo, so why not display it in an area that your visitors will see? If your office features a transparent entrance, a best practice is to have your logo displayed in a way that your visitors see it from the outside. Make sure your logo is large enough that it creates a presence. You can also use creative ways to showcase your logos such as backlighting and textured backgrounds.

Utilize Your Brand Colors

Use your company colors on major decor elements such as your walls and larger pieces of furniture. You can also bring in bolder branded colors through carpet tiles, graphic elements, and specialty ceiling features. Keep in mind that it does not have to be overbearing. While plain white walls and neutral accents may seem like the safest choice for your office reception, they don’t tell a story about your brand and what your organization represents.

Showcase Your Products & Services

Displaying your products & services in your reception area brings your brand closer to your business partners, clients, suppliers, and potential future employees. If you offer physical products as part of your business, you can easily showcase them in your reception area inside display cabinets. If you want something more interactive, you can set up an “experience corner” where visitors can try out your products while waiting in the lobby. If you sell services instead of products, try showcasing your offerings in other ways such as video presentations and marketing collateral.

Don’t Forget Lighting

According to HGTV host Nikki Hunt, “Good lighting is like fairy dust- if you sprinkle it the right way and just the right amount– you can create magic and give a room a whole new dimension.”

Lighting can help create a certain type of mood and evoke a feeling among your visitors, which helps tell your brand story. For example, if you’re a wellness company that promotes relaxation, soft lighting reinforces a state of serenity and calm. If you’re a high-end fashion brand, using elegant light fixtures enhances an environment of sophistication.

Keep it Functional

Finally, it’s important to ensure your lighting, design, and branding don’t compromise functionality. Your choices should still enable your front desk staff to perform their work and not cause discomfort among visitors.


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