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Best Practices When Selecting a Furniture Dealer

Are you ready to transform your office space by investing in new furniture? You want to make an informed decision on what you select, but you aren’t sure where to begin. There are multiple furniture manufacturers to choose from and dealers who supply that furniture to you, the customer. We have outlined a few key criteria below that will help guide you in selecting a furniture dealer. These include budget, project timeline, aesthetic, and warranty, and quality considerations. As you continue, consider how these criteria rank for you and your project. How you rank these will help you make the best selection for your unique needs.

Consider Your Budget

Budget is often the top-ranked criteria in decision-making. You will want to consider financials early on to determine a budget for your project. Consider the types of spaces you want to furnish and how the funds will be divided between those spaces. If your project is in an office setting, how many workstations will you need? Will you need furniture for conference rooms? Are you looking to integrate collaboration space? Develop a budget and stick to it as closely as possible.

Know Your Timeline

Project timeline is another consideration when it comes to selecting furniture. Standard furniture lead times are typically 4-6 weeks, while specialty orders can be 12-16 weeks or more. Depending on your project timeline, you may be more limited on selection. Many furniture manufacturers offer quick ship options that are worth considering if you are on a tight schedule. Be upfront and honest about your timeline.

Decide Your Style & Aesthetic

You may already have a vision of what the furniture in your space looks like. Using online resources to find furniture you are drawn to is a great exercise, whether have a clear vision or not. Save inspiration images to help communicate your style as you select a furniture dealer.

Warranty and Quality

Furniture warranties can vary greatly. The length of a warranty often correlates with the quality of a product. A company will not stand behind a product for 12 years if it is not meant to last that long. Consider how long you want the furniture to last. If you see yourself refreshing your space every 5 years, you will not need to invest in a product that lasts 12 years.

Final Thoughts

There are several criteria to consider when selecting a furniture dealer for your project. We have outlined a few of these to help guide you in this decision. By ranking these by importance, you can make the smartest decision for your specific needs. You may already have a dealer in mind after reviewing these criteria. If not, take the time to seek out dealers in your area and review these with them. You may already be working with a professional, such as an architect or interior designer, who can recommend a local dealer based on your needs. By honoring your top criteria, you will find a furniture dealer that is qualified to support your needs and deliver a space unique to you.


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