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A SHYFT Mini Blog - Five Ways to Cut Project Costs Without Cutting Quality

Construction projects can be complex. There are many elements that make for a successful project - one of those elements being the balance cost & quality. Below are the several ways to create this harmonious balance:

  1. Encourage effective communication between all team members involved in the building process. Ensure that all steps are being done correctly the first time, as “fixing” mistakes can be timely and detrimental to the budget. Not to mention, extremely frustrating for the owner.

  2. Form trusting relationships with subcontractors that involve mutual respect. A sub-contractor will be more likely to provide quality work as well as be more willing to help in a pinch if there is positive camaraderie at the core.

  3. Contact a variety of subcontractors prior to beginning a project to inhibit a favorable price to quality ratio.

  4. Consider and plan for possible additional expenses. Having a proactive approach versus a reactive approach will help save money.

  5. Research product value & prices prior to design to aid in facilitating a cost-effective plan.

It is vital to continually assess for ways to budget and improve. All team members should work to integrate this mindset into their daily workflow to ensure a construction project's success.



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