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South Main

Pella, IA
Completion Date:

Phase 1 - 2020, Phase 2 - 2021


Upon Request


Construction Management, Real Estate Services, Architecture and Design

The City of Pella has been experiencing a housing shortage at a variety of price points. The community has very few suitable options for down-sized living, forcing residents to stay in their family homes for years. Homes once necessary for raising their children are now too large for their current needs, but still offer the privacy and amenities they desired. This has created a housing barrier; larger-scale housing inventory for young families looking to move up is dwindling, affecting the community’s young adult demographic as affordable single-living options are scarce. Many commute to Pella from Des Moines, where there are more diverse housing options. Pella aspires to resolve the situation, to retain the commuters, and preserve the strong, close-knit sense of community, on which the residents of Pella prides themselves. To help with a resolution, SHYFT Collective identified the site of a former school, close to the historic town square, as an opportunity to address the issue head-on.

Built in two phases, South Main was designed to repurpose the formerly blighted site, like an urban, medium-density housing solution. It provides 24 premium homes, consisting of 5 brownstone homes, 4 stacked flats, 9 condominiums, and 6 townhomes, all catering to residents looking for sophisticated, scaled-down living, that offer privacy, safety, and less maintenance while maintaining the sense of community. When complete, South Main will help to free up the housing market, allowing those at different stages of life to find living accommodations that suit their needs. While originally conceptualized by a private, community-based partner, in response to Pella’s unique market conditions, SHYFT Collective was engaged to co-develop the project, lead both the design and construction management services, and ensure the quality and upscale character of these custom, modern homes, ultimately enhancing the residential landscape of the Pella community.

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