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Security Benefit

Des Moines, IA
Completion Date:

August 2023




Programming, Planning, Architecture, Interior Design

Security Benefit, a retirement solution provider headquartered in Topeka, was looking for another office location to attract and maintain talent. With a large presence of finance and insurance companies, Security Benefit selected Des Moines as their new office location. SHYFT worked with the owner’s broker on various test fits on the available space in the Des Moines area. 

The East Village on the east side of downtown Des Moines, a popular destination, was selected as the new office location. SHYFT held design workshops in Topeka with leadership on the program and project goals. The environment of the space provides an alternative to the typical financial workplace in the area. A mixture of different working postures, six offices, 20 workstations, and 34 benching provides flexibility. An open floor plan allows views through the space to the East Village outside. The use of DIRTT wall systems allows for large areas of glass enhancing the transparency of the space. The amount of natural light in the space allows the use of dark colors, providing a sophisticated modern feel. A rooftop deck off the breakroom creates a unique gathering space, equipped with TVs, soft seating, a bar with windows that open to the break room, and views to the State Capitol and East Village—all supporting the new Des Moines office culture.

Project Gallery

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