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Buckeye Painting Headquarters

Powell, OH
Completion Date:

October 2020




Project Management, Construction Management, Architecture and Design

Buckeye Painting needed a new headquarters that could showcase their abilities and provide a touchpoint for employees headed to a jobsite. The design team worked closely with the owner to create a signature design that would work with the modern farmhouse aesthetic that is contextual within the Powell vernacular and relates to the existing appeal of the downtown area.

Located on historic Liberty street, Buckeye Painting is adjacent to several recent developments that have expanded the outline of the downtown area. The building creates a new cornerstone element of visual importance in the Powell downtown area, which has been in a state of constant development and expansion in the last few years.

The exterior design demonstrates modern, Scandinavian, and farmhouse influences. The new headquarters building creates a fresh face for the business with its stunning use of glass and wood in its large facade. The material selections were made with character and durability in mind with hardwood flooring, continuous cedar plank ceilings throughout, and a double facing stone fireplace. The main façade acts a window to Powell. The framed façade and exterior patio provide a broader view of the surrounding context and invite the neighborhood in.

Project Gallery

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