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Affiliates Management Company

West Des Moines, IA
Completion Date:

April 2018


Upon Request


Strategic Planning, Project Management, Architecture and Design

Affiliates Management Company went through a partial business sale that included a need to relocate a part of their business. Their sales agreement required programming, planning and relocating 75 employees with future growth from their existing space in an 18-month timeline.

SHYFT Collective was initially engaged through strategic planning to understand programmatic and planning needs for the recently separated company. As a result, SHYFT was able to help AMC tour multiple market options and provide fit planning and budget information for each space through our multidisciplinary approach. Armed with options, AMC made confident decisions to move forward quickly with a new leased facility with options for adjacent facility growth.

SHYFT guided AMC through programming, planning, architectural design, city and community engagement and permitting, vendor coordination and final execution. The design challenges required understanding how the new AMC needed to function and how to tell their story to their membership of the Iowa Credit Union League [ICUL]. Because of the tight timelines, SHYFT engaged prefabricated construction elements that allowed functional, technological, and aesthetic updates in a cost-effective manner. Because AMC has its members in the ICUL, it was important to have the right community and training spaces in order to effectively collaborate. The relocation also provided the opportunity for AMC to rebrand and focus on telling their story through quality materials, finishes, and targeted spaces.

Today, their space provides flexibility for internal growth without feeling over-sized. Their entry and break room areas work together as community space, and there are multiple different scales and contexts for individual and group meeting areas throughout for employees to do their best work through concentration and collaboration.

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