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Earth Day: How Can Design & Construction Industries Practice Sustainability?

Today we celebrate our beautiful planet!

Over the last two years, a deadly pandemic has gripped our planet and climate change helped spark a lot of natural disasters from raging wildfires to ferocious hurricane seasons. With the theme of Invest In Our Planet, the focus of this year's Earth Day couldn't be more timely.

As members of the construction, design, and real estate industries, sustainability practices are always top of mind when starting a new project. And they should be.

Both sustainability and wellness design have important roles to play in conversations around climate change, the hot button topic of this year's Earth Day theme. If what we build and inhabit can reduce waste and emissions, increase human health, and simultaneously advance the goal of climate change, then we are doing something right.

You might be wondering - what are some ways architects, designers, and constructors can 'build' a stronger, healthier, and more responsible built environment, while also fighting climate change?

We can all do our part in nurturing our planet. Buildings are a major contributor to global warming, but we can start to enact change by thinking about how we practice architecture & construction. By not doing so, the effects will be drastic and irreversible.

Learn more about how the construction and design industries are contributing to a better planet.


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