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A SHYFT Mini Blog: What is a Project Superintendent?

A project superintendent is the leader in the field who manages a;ll construction activities on one or more job sites. They are responsible for a safe and clean site, schedules, logistics, material and equipment deliveries, and monitoring the quality of the work.

Today, we will focus on site safety and housekeeping.

“A clean site is a safe site”. This old adage is so true! For example, a site clear of debris and trash, with all materials picked up and organized, and drop cords kept out of travel pathways make for a site that is safe. Providing clear instructions, setting expectations and instilling the desire in all craftspeople onsite to clean up after themselves is a key part of a superintendent’s duties.

A clean and organized construction site can also contribute to productivity. If everyone involved can navigate through a job site more efficiently this can cut down on the time it takes to get projects done.

And finally, a good overall appearance of a job site throughout a project is important not only for the workers onsite, but also for those looking on and any potential clients. A structured worksite is often times associated with quality craftsmanship and that is what Shyft represents.

In a future post, we will discuss a superintendent’s role in project schedules and logistics.


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