Hailey Kellis

Project Designer


As an Interior Designer at SHYFT Collective, Hailey’s focus is on providing stellar interior design services to clients in the Des Moines market. She offers fresh concepts and ideas that make sense for the working environments of her projects. She does this by listening to the clients and developing a viable solution.

Q: What is your real favorite movie, and what movie do you pretend is your favorite to sound cultured?
A: Favorite movie... I'm a horror fanatic...let's go with The Conjuring

Q: If you could be on a reality TV show, which would it be?
A: I've always wanted to be on Fear Factor ;)

Q: What's the worst misspelling of your name that you've ever seen?
A: Hayleigh, Haylee, Haley, Hailee, Hayley..... HAILEY is the only right way

Q: What is your favorite memory while at SHYFT?
A: Not really a memory, but just fitting-in from day 1! Smash Park outing was a fun time, too!


Columbus, Ohio

15 E. Gay St, Suite 2A

Columbus, OH 42315

Des Moines, Iowa

1300 Walnut St, Suite 100

Des Moines, Iowa 50309

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