Aaron DeCamp

National Director of Construction

OHSA 30 Hour

Aaron has committed his work and life to Iowa over the last 20 years, focused on construction services and project management. His experience and knowledge of the Iowa market is extremely valuable for our clients and our team. Aaron provides detailed project management and helps lead our construction management services for SHYFT Collective.

Q: What's the best SHYFT workday playlist?
A: Gangster Rap Thursday

Q: What make/model/year was your first car? What did you name it?
A: 1990 Chevy Cavalier RS. Only psychopaths name their cars (have you never read/seen Christine?)

Q: What was the first concert your ever went to? Best concert?
A: First: Def Leppard. Best concert: Zac Brown Band Best experience: Front row Garth Brooks 1996

Q: How many U.S. states have you been to?
A: 26 (not counting airport lay over. Add 3 for that)