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Ohio Poultry Association

Columbus, OH
Completion Date:




Architecture and Design

The Ohio Poultry Association purchased a vacant building in the Historic Brewery District that consisted of both office and warehouse storage spaces.  The goal was to have a centralized location and a space that allows flexibility for the association’s members.  The design was inspired by the existing industrial feel of the building and other surrounding buildings of its type while staying on-brand for the association.  The project was delivered via design-build and SHYFT guided the team through architectural design, Brewery District Commission approval, and permitting.  The focal point and center of the design was the kitchen which will be used by the association to film and photograph demonstrations.  Surrounding the kitchen is the main entry area, office, and large conference room where board meetings will be hosted.  A few steps from the kitchen there is a collaboration area and a few offices; one of which has a large interior window that looks down into the conference room connecting the two spaces.  Using the existing interior and exterior windows was an important design feature to allow for this visual connection between spaces and to the exterior.  The exterior received fresh paint, an awning at the front, new light fixtures, a patio, and new overhead doors with full glazing in existing openings at the conference room to bring in natural light.

Project Gallery

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