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Meet Jen Tucker

Q: How did you get involved with SHYFT? How long have you been with us?

A: I’ve been with SHYFT for a few years now. My previous work experience was at an engineering & design-build firm, so I was looking to stay within that realm of working with numbers in the building/renovation of spaces.

Q: What are some projects you are currently working on?

A: Being on the accounting team, I don’t work directly on any specific projects, but I do support project managers with their project budgeting & billing. Lately, I’ve been working on a few development projects for the DEV Partners team.

Q: What is the one thing you are most proud of since joining SHYFT?

A: I helped with converting our ERP system to Acumatica. It has been a lot of learning, creating & refining new processes, but it’s something that I’m really proud to have been a part of.

Q: What are a few of your career highlights?

A: A general highlight for me is that feeling when a project has just been a spreadsheet to me for months & months, and then I see the final pictures when it’s completed!! That’s a highlight for sure.

Q: Tell us something unique about you.

A: While I’m not crunching numbers, you can find me making pottery! Or really just doing anything earthy / creative – it balances out all of those numbers 😊

Thank you, Jen, for all you do for the SHYFT Team!


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