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Meet Jackie Davis

Q: How did you get involved with SHYFT? How long have you been with us?

A: My time at SHYFT started with a conversation over a few beers during March Madness (my favorite time of year) with a mutual friend who suggested I reach out to Steve. I met Steve for coffee and here we are!

Q: What are some projects you are currently working on?

A: I’m working on various exciting projects right now which include a restaurant & brewery, a couple of single-family homes, a historic fraternity renovation at Ohio Wesleyan University, an office renovation for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and an expansion to a climbing gym.

Q: What is the one thing you are most proud of since joining SHYFT?

A: I’m most proud of the relationships I’ve built and the team growth that has occurred in the short time that I have been with SHYFT.

Q: What are a few of your career highlights?

A: It’s hard to pinpoint something specific but I have worked for a couple of great firms in the Columbus area that allowed me to gain unique experiences and work on a variety of project types. With SHYFT, I’ve only added to that list of great firms and projects and I’m proud to know that I have an impact on the way a design comes together through all phases of a project.

Q: Do you prefer working in the office? From home? Or a combination of the two? Why?

A: Most of the time I like being in the office because I enjoy the people I work with, and I prefer face-to-face collaboration. However, I do like the flexibility SHYFT provides to work from anywhere a portion of the time. Some days I do my best work in the office, while other days it’s at home or a coffee shop.

Q: Tell us something unique about you.

A: I was somewhat of a tomboy growing up and played any sport my parents would let me. I still love all sports and it’s been fun watching my young son develop the same love for all things sports that I had growing up. Random fun fact that most people don’t know – I have my motorcycle license but do not own a motorcycle.

Thank you, Jackie, for all you do for the SHYFT Team!


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