Life Care Services Corporate Renovation

Life Care Services

Des Moines, IA

Completion Date: Sep-18

Budget: Upon Request

Services: Strategic Planning, Project Management, Architecture and Design

LCS Companies is one of the largest senior development providers in the world focused on quality development and services. They are located at the top of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill’s Capital Square building in Des Moines overlooking major downtown civic facilities and the Iowa State Capitol. With increased development and major mergers, LCS faced three major problems: an end of lease term, continued exponential growth, and recruitment issues. Despite their industry leadership in real estate development, design, and construction projects they needed a partner to address the above, so they could focus on their business. Starting with a pilot project, SHYFT Collective executed a multiphase solution to reimagine the next chapter for LCS.

To address member recruitment and retention, SHYFT reimagined workplace configuration to enhance areas for collaboration and concentration. A once dark and circuitous maze of workstations with exterior and interior offices is now a daylit workspace focused on how employees do their best work. Custom analytics identified and quantified issues, including meeting frequency within large offices, the lack of formal and informal collaboration areas, the lack of quality in lighting, materials and furniture, the absence of community spaces, and most notably space utilization per person. Large exterior/interior offices and tall workstations were utilized as “Swiss Army Knives”, despite not serving their most frequent everyday function well.

With seven phases, our approach permitted continuous operation with multiple swing spaces to improve space utilization throughout. Ninety percent of staff were accommodated in the first three phases, which created better density for future evolution. This allowed SHYFT to right size and increase formal and informal meeting spaces for improving workflow and functionality. Finally, restructuring their headquarters provided operational transparency and greater connectivity to the city. All changes improved overall workflow, workplace satisfaction, and new amenities for staff and guests.


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