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Bluestone Project Solutions Announces Rebranding, Changes Name to SHYFT Collective

March 7, 2017 [Johnston, Iowa] Today, Bluestone Project Solutions, a multi-service, strategic real estate firm which provides owner's representative and design services for organizations undergoing real estate changes, announced it will change its name to SHYFT Collective.
SHYFT Collective provides a uniquely packaged suite of services that supports organizations through planning, design, project execution and facility relocation to upgrade their work environments. Rapid growth and a broadening of services demanded a name which better represented the strengths of the company's personnel and services. SHYFT Collective is headquartered in Johnston, Iowa, with an office in Columbus, Ohio. In 2017, they will be opening an additional office in Phoenix, Arizona.
"SHYFT Collective is a name which reflects what our company does — we are the experts in managing change," said Brandon Foldes, Principal and CEO of SHYFT Collective. "We seamlessly integrate into our clients' businesses, anticipate obstacles and prevent interruption as we manage the renovation of their existing space or their relocation to more suitable facilities."

SHYFT Collective offers expert services which cover a company's real estate process, including:

SHYFT Collective has invested in additional team members and new technology to increase the team's flexibility, allowing them to deploy across the country to new construction, renovation, consolidation and expansion projects for several clients.
"The ever-changing real estate industry requires a unique approach in the way projects are identified and delivered. Our transformation begins with our name," said Zane Muntz, Principal and CCO. Taking a cue from their name, the SHYFT mission is to change the way organizations look at projects by best identifying the WHY behind WHAT they do.

About SHYFT Collective [Formerly Bluestone Project Solutions]
SHYFT Collective provides a suite of services unrivaled in the corporate real estate market, helping companies identify their "why" plan real estate changes and moves, define the right environment for their needs and expand smartly in that environment. The SHYFT Collective team offers clients a variety of services that address the challenges companies face when considering their businesses space needs, including real estate, strategic planning, architecture and design, construction management, and project management/owner's representation.
SHYFT Collective serves clients across the country from its offices in Johnston, Iowa, Columbus, Ohio and Phoenix, Arizona. For more information, including case studies, visit www.SHYFTcollective.com.


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