SHYFT Announcement From CEO

Partners and Friends,

With great excitement, I am happy to announce Bluestone Project Solutions has rebranded to SHYFT Collective.

Our team has evolved greatly since our beginning in 2004, and even more so these last few years. We constantly challenge ourselves to find better ways to help clients through our unbiased service model. We focus on offering transparent information to help customers make confident decisions. We also know the importance of our internal team's success, and the need to provide opportunities for individual career paths and professional growth.

With those key drivers in place, we decided to SHYFT our service model further forward to best serve our clients by providing uniquely packaged traditional services. Through the Collective services of real estate strategic planning, project management, architecture and construction management we are able to better identify a client's "why" for change. By understanding their business goals, we create a strategic plan to solve their unique challenges through custom design and execution. We always map their plan back to the "why" of where we started, which is how we chose our unique spelling…SHYFT is built around the "Y".

We realize no customer or project is the same, so we offer our services individually or collectively. This way each solution is customized for our clients. Our strong history of market relationships allows us to partner with industry professionals and client teams to deliver an optimal project experience.
Our clients always come first; we understand our success comes from their success. This is who we are and who we will always be. We believe clients should leverage their real estate as a calculated business advantage. As SHYFT Collective we are best suited to assist current and future clients with real estate change.

Please note our team's email addresses are now in this format: We hope you visit our new website,, and watch for future updates to learn more about the value we add.


Brandon A. Foldes
Principal / CEO


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