Making a Big Difference in a Small Town in Brazil


Here's some feel-good content for your Tuesday.

Every two years, Colton Caldwell, a Construction Manager at SHYFT, and his cousin, Dustin, visit the small town of Santa Barbra, Minas Gerias in Brazil where Dustin's wife's family lives.

"The first time that I went with them it was truly an eye-opening experience, realizing how people were living there. We have visited a total of 3 times now and we are surprisingly the only US citizens they have seen in real life."

During their first visit, Colton noticed local children were playing with old, deflated balls in the neighborhoods and schools - so he decided to do something different the next time he visited. Every visit since, Colton and Dustin bring two full suitcases of soccer balls, frisbees, baseball bats, baseball gloves, footballs, and school supplies for the kids.

"We realized just how much a new soccer ball excited them so we have continued to bring more and more every trip. Dustin's wife contacted her friend who is a teacher at a local school in the town before we left for our trip. She told her friend that SHYFT would like to do a donation to help the kids get the things that they needed the most in the classroom. The teacher spoke with the principals and teachers to discuss everything that the kids needed. We then went shopping with the teachers to pick the bookbags and school supplies out."

This most recent trip in February, they also brought brand new SHYFT Collective t-shirts for all the kids - and look at those smiling faces. Thank you, Colton, for all you do for these kids.



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