SHYFT, Don't Sink.

Keep your crew safe when returning back to work. SHYFT, don't sink.

05.15.2020 Casie Tindell Strategic Planning Case Studies COVID-19

SHYFTing Back to the Office - A Strategic Action Plan

SHYFTing Back to the Office is a strategic action plan that considers the use of technology, sanitary measures, spatial distancing, and office flexibility to meet the varying needs for all employees and visitors. The following is the start to our story and we look forward to sharing more with you soon for your timely use.

04.28.2020 Casie Tindell Strategic Planning Project Management Case Studies COVID-19

Introducing the Blosser Residence Blog

The Blosser Residence Blog features a super cool, personal, custom build home for our Nation Director of Design, Jeff Blosser and his family.

04.23.2020 Casie Tindell Architecture & Design Blosser Residence Blog


SHYFT's top tips for companies and individuals relating to various genres in our industry.

04.17.2020 Casie Tindell SHYFT Tips

COVID-19: SHYFT Collective is here for you

Navigating the unknown impacts of the COVID-19 crisis have created challenges, uncertainty, and fear that have affected our communities in unpredictable ways. While individuals struggle to wrap their minds around a changed reality and new routines, businesses are also finding it challenging to understand and meet the changing societal needs. At SHYFT Collective, we are here to help you navigate through these changes.

04.01.2020 Casie Tindell COVID-19

We are SHYFT Collective

Today, Bluestone Project Solutions, a multi-service, strategic real estate firm which provides owner's representative and design services for organizations undergoing real estate changes, announced it will change its name to SHYFT Collective.

03.07.2017 Strategic Planning Architecture & Design Construction Management Project Management Real Estate & Development SHYFT Behind the Scenes