Company Philosophy


At SHYFT Collective our mission is to be a trusted partner, delivering clear project leadership and design direction for organizations experiencing real estate change. 


SHYFT Collective has evolved greatly since our beginning in 2004, and even more so these last few years. Most distinctly, we have built our intent around the "Y". Why you ask? Understanding your why is what drives us, so it's right where we love to start. We go back to the basics, to discover the rationale and reasoning behind the anticipated change. We are a trusted advocate for your real estate change, offering a balanced approach that is focused on your organizational vision and mission. We deliver returns measured in profits, employee engagement and productivity, time, enhanced brand equity and the human experience. Our mission is to improve project delivery by starting with your WHY, then developing how and what within one collective team of subject matter experts.

We constantly challenge ourselves to find better ways to support businesses through our unbiased service model. We focus on offering transparent information to help businesses, like yourself, make confident decisions.  

We realize no customer or project is the same, although the importance for a company to leverage their real estate as a calculated business advantage is constant. We offer our services individually or collectively, This way each solution is customized to meet your unique goals. 

SHYFT's culture fosters success among our individual team members. We collaboratively challenge one another to provide better ways to service the market and perform our work. We develop career paths and goals that are unique to the individual, while supporting one another to achieve professional growth. SHYFT also believes in investing in our home communities by donating services and volunteerism to non-profit organizations and civic leadership. 



"Our clients come first. We understand our success comes from their success."
Brandon Foldes, Principal CEO


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